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New Orleans Man Pleads Guilty to Ethylone Drug Charge
Eastern District of Louisiana
31 Charged With Drug Trafficking, Firearms And Money Laundering Offenses
Middle District of Georgia
Two Sentenced to Federal Prison for $5 Million Real Estate Ponzi Scheme
Northern District of Georgia
Texas Man Lands in Federal Prison for Stealing Mail
Middle District of Pennsylvania
West Virginia man sentenced to five years for mailing threatening letters
Southern District of West Virginia
Louisiana man sentenced to 30 years for producing child pornography
Western District of Louisiana
First Jamaican Extradited to U.S. for Lottery Scheme Pleads Guilty
National Release
Man Sentenced for Debt-Elimination Scheme Affecting 2,900 Victims
Middle District of Alabama
Midlothian Man Pleads Guilty to Steroid Distribution Conspiracy
Eastern District of Virginia
Postal Worker Convicted in Massive Stolen Tax-Refund Fraud
Southern District of Texas
Bucks County Man Sentenced For Child Exploitation
Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Charleston man pleads to defrauding timeshare owners
Southern District of West Virginia
Former inmate sentenced to four years for mailing threatening communications to judge
Department of Justice, Middle District of Pennsylvania
Two Charged With Using Phony Concert Promotions to Scam Investors
Department of Justice, Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Employee Charged With Defrauding Hospital System of Nearly $10M in False Invoicing
Department of Justice, Southern District of Texas
Former Employee Convicted in Scheme to Defraud Garden Ridge
Department of Justice
Man Convicted in Million-Dollar Scheme Targeting Dozens of Elderly Victims
Department of Justice
Fire Dispatcher Sentenced to 25 Months in Prison for Child Exploitation
Department of Justice
Man Sentenced to 21 Years for International Child Exploitation Enterprise
Department of Justice
Doctor and Pharmacist Charged Distributing 1.6 Million Doses of Oxycodone
Department of Justice
Navasota Woman Sentenced to Prison for Identity Theft
Department of Justice